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A Thief's Melody is a 3D cartoon adventure/stealth game with a contemplative atmosphere. It's a tribute to old adventure games like "Beyond Good & Evil" and "Zelda Windwaker"; it features exploration, dialogs, fights, puzzles, collectibles and huge Boss battles...

The game is currently in development for Windows, Linux and MacOS.

[The video trailer and some screens are a bit old, graphics have changed a lot, but it gives an idea]


  • In an ocean-covered world, play a young thief studying at the Thief Guild.
  • Learn various skills: climbing, stealth, fight, bow, bombs, grapple and much more !
  •  Confront or avoid pirates, guards and robots 
  • Freely explore a cartoon open world 
  • Collect gemstones, paintings and flowers 
  • Cure ill animals all over the world 
  • Defy giant Guardians during epic battles 
  •  Save the world! Er no... Be a true hero!  No, neither... Ah! Help your sister! Yes! That's it! Well, you have to start somewhere... 
  •  Oh, yeah! And ride a cool turtle...


I've started to work on this project a while ago... in 2012. Wow! It's been 8 years! I do eveything alone, so it might take me a few more years to finish it. But I guess I'm the patient kind.

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