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[ WARNING! Super old teenager project! ]
but I thought it would be cool to share it :)

This is a remake of the first game we played with my little brother back in our young days: Arkanoid on Thompson MO-5. I re-designed the levels from my childhood memories... I think they might be accurate up to level 12. For the rest, I experimented.

The title screen is in French, but honestly you don't really need to read it to understand.

I first made this game as a personal project when I was in high school in 1999, using Delphi & Direct X at that time. Then I re-made it in 2002 and used C++ & OpenGL. And, finally, I fixed annoying bugs and made it more player-friendly in 2010 in order to share it with friends.

 I made all the graphics with 3DS Max and Gimp back then.

You might experience that the difficulty is quite... unbalanced! Either too hard or too easy... But anyways! The original game was incredibly difficult! And I was super proud at that time to finally have one complete playable game!

There are 27 levels, but you can actually create some more (see below).


  • Mouse to move
  • Click to shoot when you have the lasers


  • <> : longer 
  • F : faster
  • D: 3 balls
  • C : 20 balls (over-cheated option)
  • L : lasers
  • Orbiting green Zeta: Bomb

Create your levels

If you're kind of a hacker, you can add levels, because they are saved as Bitmaps files (24 bits) in the directory "niveaux". The easiest way is to start from the "template.bmp" file. There is one color per brick. White is for indestructible bricks and grey is for 3 touch bricks.


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