Better controller support for 🐒 Slide 🐬

Hello everyone,

I finally took the time to enhance the controller support for slide. Now there is a default mapping for unknown/unrecognized controllers and you can remap the controls in the options (both keyboard dans joysticks/joypads), like this:

By the way, I split the option menu in sub menus, and I tried to work a bit on the UI positioning, labelling, and visual identity. I hope this will enable many more people to play the game!

I also fixed the bug of the shield not protecting you from moving bombs.

Have fun & stay safe! Cheers!


🐒 Slide, Animal Race 🐬 Win 64 Demo 120 MB
Version 10 Oct 13, 2020
🐒 Slide, Animal Race 🐬 Linux 64 Demo 123 MB
Version 10 Oct 13, 2020
🐒 Slide, Animal Race 🐬 MacOSX Demo 120 MB
Version 7 Oct 13, 2020

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