📢 🐢 Slide, Animal Race 🐬is AVAILABLE NOW! 📢

Hello everyone!

📢Today is the big day! 📢

🐢 Slide, Animal Race 🐬 finally comes to release after 1 year of work! I hope you'll like it :) Here's a little trailer to celebrate:

It's been quite a journey to get there, and I learnt a lot in many different areas (music, marketing, animation, level design, whatever, you name it...). 

🙏Thanks a lot to everyone for all the feedbacks, the tests, the discussions, the cheering up... 🙏

For reminders: 🐢 Slide, Animal Race 🐬 is a local multiplayer race game with cute animals, for little and big kids. In this game, you can:

  • Play up to 8 friends in split-screen
  • Play quick & fun races
  • Ride cute animals
  • Dive to avoid obstacles and gain boosts
  • Use bonuses & power-ups to outrun the horde
  • Find hidden shortcuts
  • Discover dreamy tracks
  • Play with younger players thanks to driving/riding assistance options

As I'm pretty much an unknown developer, don't hesitate to share this with your gamer, streamer or incredibly generous millionaire friends :)
I would greatly appreciate it!

Of course, the demo will remain free for everyone to test. If you're interested in the backstage stuff and making ofs, don't hesitate to check out and subscribe to my dev blog: http://www.oneiricworlds.com/en

Have fun, keep playing & making games, and take care :)


🐢 Slide, Animal Race 🐬 for Windows 64 bits 414 MB
Version 2 9 days ago
🐢 Slide, Animal Race🐬 for Linux 64 bits 421 MB
Version 2 9 days ago

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